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Students across the nation have become fans del español, taking on amazing cultural challenges throughout the Spanish-speaking world with Andy, Tess, Tim, and Diana!

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HispaNoticias is an ideal tool to help middle and high school Spanish students apply the cultural concepts introduced in Spanish class for a real-world purpose.

Simply click on the Spanish level and then countries, regions and themes to access a wealth of articles in English and Spanish, many of which include audio and video support. Questions follow each article to support comprehension. Learn about current events from around the Spanish-speaking world!


Travel Blog

Are you a fan del español? We have a dedicated travel blog where we encourage students to “travel” and learn about the Spanish-speaking world by following Andy, Tess, Tim, and Diana on their cultural adventures. Join them as they experience the local food, music, people, and more. Each travel post features activities to support comprehension. Just click on the level and theme to see a list of fun, informative posts (some in English, others in Spanish), to support students at all Spanish proficiency levels.

Grammar can be fun! Use the Spanish Grammar Corner in your classroom to present grammar concepts in an effective way for your students to grasp. You can even challenge them with our interesting “word of the day” videos and articles, engaging them throughout the school year.

Grammar Corner

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