April Fair

april_fair_thumbThe April Fair is one of Spain’s most international and popular fiestas. For a week every April, more than a thousand “casetas,” or tents, installed in the fairground area become the second home of the city’s inhabitants: a place where people come together to have fun, sing, and dance. Throughout the fair, people wear typical Andalusian dress: the men wear the typical outfit of the farmworker, and the women wear flamenco or gypsy dresses. By day, the fair is filled with horsewomen, riders, and richly festooned carriages.

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  1. Would you like to visit the April Fair in Seville? Why?
  2. Are these festivities similar or different than the fairs in your town or city? How?

Does your country have a traditional dress, or do you know of any from your family’s culture? What does it look like?