Feria de las flores

I was totally bummed when they told us we were going to the Flower Festival in Medellín. All I kept thinking was “eight days of girly, prissy stuff” and “why are we going for so long?” Usually our extra-curricular trips were only a day or two, so why would they make us stay in Medellín for so long? I immediately got on the internet to find other stuff for me to do around that part of Colombia. It was not going to be all flowers all week, and I meant it!

This trip quickly surprised me and changed my mind about flower festivals. When I saw the itinerary included a horse show, antique auto show, bikini contest, and musical concerts, I was super impressed. Here I was thinking the week would be all flowers and girly stuff when really it was fun for all.

The Medellín Flower Festival has been around for over fifty years. Originally it was all about the flowers, but in the 1990s they added more events to make the festival one of the most popular festivals in the world. And they hold two Guinness World Records for the most horses in a parade and the most flowers in a parade. The first day we went to see the record-holding horse parade. These weren’t just any horses, they were show horses. They did tricks, they pranced, and there had to have been at least 8000 horses. Their coats and manes were so shiny. I can tell they were brushed more than I brush my hair. It was nice to see how well these horses were taken care of.


Yeah, the flower parade was nice, but the antique car show was incredible! My favorites were the cars from the old gangster movies. I pictured some of them with Tommy guns shooting from the passenger side window. Weird, I know. There were also the old 1920s first model cars. The wheels were so skinny that I couldn’t see how the tires were holding up the car. They were just so cool. It was like looking at a timeline of car industry history.

After the auto show, I hid out for a couple of days. As much as I wanted to see the parade of flowers, I couldn’t bring myself to actually go downstairs to it. Thankfully, our hotel was on the parade route, so I peeked out the window every once in a while. The event that brought me back to life was the pageant/fashion show. Colombia has some of the most beautiful women you could imagine. And it didn’t hurt that they were in skimpy clothes. Right after the show there were a string of concerts. I like Latin pop and rock, so these shows were right up my alley.

Overall, I had a great time. This trip was a far cry from the traditional festivals we were used to going to. I’d come back every year if I could. Especially since I met Silvia, one of the models in the fashion show!


  1. Go to Google Maps (https://www.google.es/maps) and find Medellín. Is it close to Bogotá or other important cities? What is the climate like?
  2. What things can you see or do in the Feria de las Flores?
  3. Do you know any other celebrations related to flowers in the US or other countries? Do some research on the Internet if you need to.